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Using webtools to encourage reading


It all started with some tweeting last year.... And thanks to a great idea from @kristianstill,  @matthljones at Wildern for letting us implement it and the power of the Amazon Product API, whatimreading.org was born.

It's a simple concept: across the school every door displays a simple poster (or four!) sharing what the occupants of that room are currently reading:


The most striking thing about this project is how such a quick and easy little activity has impacted on the students; It starts conversations amongst staff and students about the books, has resulted in staff lending books to others, and generally revitalised reading in the school. 

Feel free to make use of the posters if you like them and if there are any design types out there who’d like to work with us to increase the range of posters available do get in touch. You can find the site at whatimreading.org.

Next up on our job list, inspired by another photo we saw online, we’re working on the stairs. We’ll tell you more soon...

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