arcgradebook beta goes live

a new arc component is coming...


Another new school year and the launch of another new arc component to our partner school, Wildern.

During numerous school visits over the last 18 months we’ve been focussing on the marking process and thinking about how web technology could make it better; not only practically, but also by identifying trends (both positive and negative) amongst students’ attainment. This led us to create arcgradebook: an online grading tool that helps teachers easily keep track of grades, respond to findings and share them with students and parents if they choose to.

For us, an online gradebook has a positive impact in other key areas such as accessibility and communication which leads to more productive collaboration between staff, departments and senior leadership teams than before.

For the last 6 months Andrew and Dave have been working on an online marking component to help with those things. Well, Andrew did - Dave swanned off to Japan for most of it, see?

Dave in Japan the beginning of the September term Wildern staff began the first whole-school trial of the software and, as I write this the school are in the middle of a Year 11 assessment using it. That’s 360 students so a big enough test if ever there was one! While they’re doing that we’ll continue to work with Directors of Learning to refine the process of creating assessments and make it even easier for teachers to use and hopefully more beneficial to the students.

We’ll be busily filing the new features and smoothing out the odd bug, and as soon as we’re through those we’ll have something new to show you all...

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