Inspiration from the old-skool for Children's Book Week

our favourite reads


This week is National Children's Book week, and it got us talking about what our favourite books were as children. This led to the compilation of our top ten list, which I must stress is in no particular order - we could never agree on which was best.....

1. The Last Legionary series, Douglas Hill

2. Fantastic Mr Fox, Roald Dahl

3. The King of Copper Mountains, Paul Biegel

4. Little John Little, Charlotte Steiner

5. The Great Green Mouse Disaster, Martin Waddell & Phillipe Dupasquier

6. Jeremy James, David Henry Wilson

7. Matilda, Roald Dahl

8. The Hounds of the Morrigan, Pat O'Shea

9. His Dark Materials, Philip Pullman

10. You Tell Me, Roger McGough & Michael Rosen

A final word of warning: due to the fine vintage of some of our Punneters, some of these titles are no longer in print!!

Image CC licensed on Flickr by Rodrigo Galindez

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