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What we're reading...

Posted by Tim

It all started with some tweeting last year.... And thanks to a great idea from @kristianstill,  @matthljones at Wildern for letting us implement it and the power of the Amazon Product API, whatimreading.org was born.

It's a simple concept: across the school every door displays a simple poster (or four!) sharing what the occupants of that room are currently reading:


Inspiration from the old-skool for Children's Book Week

Posted by Tim

This week is National Children's Book week, and it got us talking about what our favourite books were as children. This led to the compilation of our top ten list, which I must stress is in no particular order - we could never agree on which was best.....

1. The Last Legionary series, Douglas Hill


Is a private ISP right for your school

Posted by James

Wildern's existing contract is up so I'm looking to change to another private ISP after our first 3 years off the Hampshire County provisioned network, or HPSN.

 In Hampshire the cost of the LA provided connection is calculated per pupil as the costs are flattened out across all schools on the service. We wanted to support this structure, as in theory smaller schools are subsidised by those that have greater resource. However, for a school like ours with close to 2,000 students it resulted in a hefty bill which we simply couldn’t justify compared to the competing quotes, so we had to try to find a suitable alternative.


Iterate or Redesign

Posted by Tim

Your work is out in the world, but you keep thinking of ways to improve it. Maybe your clients have got ideas to make it better. Or perhaps priorities have shifted and what you thought was important at the start is less so now.

The challenge for you as the designer then becomes about how to make those changes. Do you opt for subtle tweaks with each new update, or an entire redesign behind the scenes and release it all in one go?


arcgradebook beta goes live

Posted by Laura

Another new school year and the launch of another new arc component to our partner school, Wildern.

During numerous school visits over the last 18 months we’ve been focussing on the marking process and thinking about how web technology could make it better; not only practically, but also by identifying trends (both positive and negative) amongst students’ attainment. This led us to create arcgradebook: an online grading tool that helps teachers easily keep track of grades, respond to findings and share them with students and parents if they choose to.