write, check & publish reports online


Everyone hates writing reports. It takes forever and produces a seemingly endless trail of paper.
We’re making it better.
This laborious process will soon be faster, more flexible and more accurate.

Overview of the benefits
  • Online editing can save your staff hours
  • Display key data from arcbehaviour and arcgradebook
  • Create beautiful documents your school will be proud of
  • One-click, pdf files generated for hard copy printing
  • Prevent mistakes being made ahead of delivery to parents
  • Not just for annual reports, any collaborative document can be part of the system

As with all arc project elements, arcreports takes data from your school system to stay current, is web-based for use on any device, and is easy to use with little or no training.

Arc Reports

arcreports is currently in test with our partner schools. To find out about general release, or to join our test group, get in touch