control over school management is back in your hands


arc gives you the control and clarity you need to run your school your way - no endless training sessions, no extortionate rates, no limited licensing, and no restrictions on your data.
Designed, built and tested by schools; arc is intuitive, accessible, and does just what you need it to.
Does your current system do that?

arc project principles
  • Simple, budget-friendly price plans - access for all users in your school for one price
  • Retain control of your schools’ data
  • No binding contracts and no complicated small print - cancel at any time
  • Easy to use - arc requires little or no training
  • Open and accessible - using our API, arc can pass data between systems easily and securely
  • Use anywhere - arc is web-based for use on any internet-connected device
  • Have suggestions for new features? Let us know and they'll be added in to our fortnightly release cycle!

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