record, share and analyse online


Intelligent use of technology enhances your marking without changing the way you work.
marcbook takes the best elements of the well-loved notebooks and spreadsheets that you rely on

Overview of the benefits
  • Automatically create online gradebooks for all your classes
  • Create assessment columns & assign to one or more classes or subjects
  • Share columns and classes with others
  • Enter data quickly & easily
  • Fullscreen views give maximum usability
  • Auto-saving and real-time updates; enter data once and all users will see changes
  • Export and print your data
  • Share selected data with students & parents if required

As with all arc project elements, arcreports uses data from your school system to stay current, is web-based for use on any device and is easy to use with little or no training.


arcgradebook is currently in beta test with our partner schools. To find out first about general release, or to join our test group, get in touch